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Our Specialized Therapy Services for You

Dr. Elizabeth Harper specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, offering personalized treatment for anxiety, depression, and trauma recovery.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Discover the power of CBT with Dr. Elizabeth Harper. Personalized care for lasting change.

Anxiety and Depression Disorders

Dr. Elizabeth Harper offers holistic support for anxiety and depression recovery.

Trauma Recovery

Dr. Elizabeth Harper specializes in trauma recovery, offering a safe and nurturing space to heal.

Our Notable Achievements and Milestones

Discover the impressive achievements of Dr. Elizabeth Harper and the impact we have made with our client-centered approach:


Two Decades of Experience

Dr. Elizabeth Harper: 20+ years of expert psychotherapy, providing top-level support.


Top-Tier Published Research

Dr. Harper’s research has 40+ published articles, advancing treatment strategies in psychology.


A Board Member of C.B.O.P

Dr. Harper shapes and regulates psychology in California, ensuring exceptional mental health care.


Community Workshops and Seminars

Dr. Harper actively raises mental health awareness through community engagement and empowering workshops.

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